Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Benchmark Interpreter Assessment (BIA)?

The Benchmark Interpreter Assessment is a two-part knowledge and skills diagnostic assessment for Sign Language Interpreters.  For a more detailed description of both parts, please click here.


How is the BIA Knowledge Test different from other written tests?

What makes the BIA Knowledge test different from the others is that, in addition to assessing knowledge of interpreting and ethical decision making, it has a strong focus on English and ASL grammar and usage.  In fact, 50% of the test focuses on language usage.  And unlike most current national written assessments, the BIA Knowledge Test does not have an expiration date.  After you take it and pass, you do not need to take it again after a certain time.


Who should take the BIA Performance Assessment?

Anyone can take it.  The Performance Assessment is open to all interpreters (certified, uncertified, K-12, etc.) who desire diagnostic feedback on their work, and who wish to know what skills they need to improve so they become more proficient in their work.


Is the BIA the same as the old Florida QA?

The short answer is No.  There are similarities in format, but so many important differences!  For a full description of both parts of the BIA, click Here.


How do I register for the BIA?

Registration is easy.  Go to our website at,, and click on the Assessment you are looking for and you will be guided through the registration, scheduling, and payment process.


How long does it take to get results?

In most cases, scores for the Knowledge Test will be sent via email between one and two weeks from the assessment date.  Performance Assessment results also will be sent via email, and will take longer, due to the fact that the Performance Assessment video must be sent to two separate raters for scoring. And after receiving scores from the raters, each candidate’s feedback packet needs to be prepared.  At this time, we do not have a timeframe established for sending out results for the Performance Assessment.


What if I need to cancel or reschedule? 

We recognize that life doesn’t always go as planned.  You can view our Cancelation Policy here.


How do I prepare for the Knowledge Test?

Prepare for the Knowledge Test the same way you have prepared for other tests.  There is a list of reference materials on the website for your benefit.  Additionally, we have provided a Sample Knowledge Test, which is available for purchase.  The Sample Knowledge Test contains the same types of questions as are on the full version of the Knowledge Test.


How do I prepare for the Performance Assessment?

There are numerous ways one can prepare for the BIA Performance Assessment!  For a detailed listing of what skills will be assessed, including study tips , please go to the Resources page on our website.


Is there an expiration date for the Performance Assessment?

Yes.  The expiration date for the Performance Assessment is five years from the date of assessment.


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